Media Culture and Genomics

Media, Culture and Genomics

Jenny Kitzinger, Maureen McNeil,  Joan Haran, Kate O’Riordan

Background: Cultural representations of the human genome have become ubiquitous since the launch of the Human Genome Project. This project mapped the circulation of such representations, more..

Aims and Objectives: This project developed a framework which outlined the argument that genomic science is the publicly mediated science ‘par excellence’ (McNeil, 2005) by:

  1. identifying the multiple sites through which this mediation occurs
  2. providing an empirically grounded conceptual framework for examining the circuits of discourse through which genomics is constituted
  3. providing a contextualisation of the different media forms under examination and the generic specificities of different media sites
  4. identifying cross cutting themes.

Publications: Haran, J., Kitzinger, J., McNeil, M., O’Riordan, K. (2007) Human Cloning in the Media: From Science Fiction to Science Practice. London: Routledge.

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