Biodigital references I

Here is the line from Tron Legacy

and some other uses of the term –

BioDigital (Registered trade mark)

“BioDigital is dedicated to using state of the art biomedical visualization systems to improve training, communication and the interpretation of medical information.”

This visualisation system has a BioDigital Human to help explore anatomy – the aesthetic is a bit Gunther von Hagens – and has echoes of the Visible Human project of the 1990s.

Fascinating also is the Masters programme in Biodigital Architecture at UIC Barcelona:

“the first that treated the subject of architecture from the biological and digital perspectives, and the first to provide systematic studios, workshops and seminars with the founders of digital organicism, the new cutting edge of the 21st century. Within the context of the research line on genetic architectures at the ESARQ School of Architecture, students will pay special attention to new cybernetic-digital and new ecologic-environmental architectural design as a way of developing biodigital architecture, emergence, genetic and generative concepts in the biological and digital worlds, biomimesis, biolearning, morphogenesis, etc.”

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