Writing Biodigital Life: Personal Genomes and Digital Media

A really interesting publication – and one I was really pleased to be involved with – is this special issue of the Journal of Biography – edited by Margaretta Jolly

Life Writing and Intimate Publics

There are a couple of pieces that relate to the biodigital theme:

  • Tell-Tale Heart: Organ Donation and Transplanted Subjectivities
  • Writing Biodigital Life: Personal Genomes and Digital Media

and also a couple of really interesting pieces that take very different directions:

  • Life Writing and Intimate Publics: A Conversation with Lauren Berlant
  • “Suffused by Feeling and Affect”: The Intimate Public of Personal Mommy Blogging

Biodigital references II

Some academic references:

Jussi Parikka uses the term in his article: Insects, Sex and Biodigitality in Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Teknolust (2007) in an early iteration of his insect figuration (and returns to it in later work).

Luciana Parisi also discusses Biodigital Sex (the title of chapter 4 of her book Abstract Sex). In a kind of macro organic history of life she contrasts the primal bacteria of the past with the biodigital sex of the future

Nigel Thrift (2007) briefly touches on Parisi’s use of this term in his book: Non-representational theory: space, politics, affect

Martha Herbert uses the term biodigital to signal ‘the will to technologise biology’ in her chapter ‘More than code: from genetic reductionism to complex biological systems’ in a collection on Genetic Governance (Bunton and Peterson, 2005)