circulating genomes update

Just got back from the Circulating Genomes meeting at the  ESRC Genomics Forum organised by  Alessandro Delfanti (International School for Advanced Studies). There was some really interesting discussion around the theme of sharing, nicely summed up by Steve Yearly in his closing comments as at once an innocent term, but one that can indicate excess, and one that (in practice and demand) constitutes kinds of community. There were contributions from open science, open publishing, genome sharers as well as social and cultural studies of science.  Misha Angrist shared some of his experiences from the PGP and on the same panel Stuart Hogarth reflected on experiences in UK policy engagement whilst Marina Levina asked us to think about network identity and pre-patient identity.

I’m posting my notes here. I asked people to think about the amount of talk generated by circulating genomes and suggested that too much of a particular kind of talk might be getting in the way of the communication of content. I also ended up advocating television audiences as a space of civic possibility.


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