comments on the anthropocene

I’ve recently come across what seems to me to be two different routes of thinking with the anthropocene. I’ve been interested in trying to bring them together.

The latest of the Living Books About Life series is Extinction by Claire Colebrook and her suggestions about agency and responsibility, by way of curation, are provocative and thoughtful.  However, another framing of evolution, extinction, agency and the anthropocene could also connect to this by way of the Ecological Humanities. Particularly Deborah Bird Rose and Thom van Dooren whose negotiation of the humanism/non-human tension offers a slightly different perspective to that of Colebrook.

They are both really important and to read them together seems productive. Colebrook’s living book does this bringing together via citation in that if you read into the articles she curates you find Rose’s work in conversation with Colebrook’s sources. However, it seems to me that Colebrook’s emphasis takes an oppositional route and there is an evocative friction to be taken from this intersection.

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