The Tablet Symposium – Sussex April 10th

Wednesday 10th April 2013 10am-6pm


To register for this event please email Ryan ( with your name, affiliation and dietary or any other requirements. There will be no fee to attend this event.

We can accept later registrations, but please register by Thursday 28th March to ensure your catering needs can be met.

The aim of the symposium is twofold. On the one hand it aims to examine questions about the take up of tablets, readers and ipads across many walks of life including academic, artistic, pedagogical, medical, corporate, activist and everyday contexts. On the other hand it aims to create a space of dialogue, discussion and research community across this area.

Ruth Adams, King’s College London.
Tipu’s Tiger: Killer App?

Caroline Bassett, University of Sussex
Mostly Unreliable?: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Re-invention of the Book

Clair Battison & Louise Egan, Victoria and Albert Museum
The Distance Between Us: Incorporating the advancements of touchscreen technology into current museum touring exhibition practices.

Ryan Burns, University of Sussex
Tablets: Specific, Generic, Perfect?

Ryan Eanes, University of Oregon
Magic, rhetoric and the iPad

Mick Feltham, University of Sussex
Touch: Sensitive? Democratising the Composer – Performer – Listener Triangle within the Digital Score.

Mareike Glӧss, Uppsala University                                                                                                                                                                                     Ubiquitous Computing at  our Fingertips: Everyday  Practices  and  Experiences  in  the  Context  of Tablet Computing

Daniel Goodbrey, University of Hertfordshire
Game Comics: An Analysis of An Emergent Hybrid Form

Ian Grant, University of Sussex
Touch as puppetry: Achieving Subtle and Nuanced Performance Through Tangible Touch Interfaces

Caroline Hamilton, University of Melbourne, Gerard Goggin, University of Sydney
Off the shelf: How e-readers recapitulate books multi-function pasts

Timo Kaerlein, University of Paderborn 
Touching the Screen: Immediacy and discrepancy in the use of tablet computers

Hannah Lee, The American University of Paris, Thomas Young, The American University of Paris, Claudia Roda, The American University of Paris
E-Book Usability: Reading Time and Comprehension

Jeremy Matthew, King’s College London
Tablet Edition: Public Habits and uses of The Mobile Internet and online News Media.

Nadja Ryzhakova, iPad Artist
Reinventing Painting: the Relationship Between Tradition and Technology in the Age of Mobile Devices

Russell Pearce, University of Sussex
Title tbc

Nicola Yuill, University of Sussex, Yvonne Rogers, University College London, Jochen Rick, Saarland University,Stefan Kreitmayer, Open University
Pass the iPad: Tablet Computers  for Collaborative Creating and Sharing in Groups at Home and School

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